Chips/ Beef Jerky
Chips/ Beef Jerky

Tasty and healthy meat snacks? Yes! Our products are the slices of dried pork and beef with high content of protein and low fat content. They do not contain any phosphates, monosodium glutamate and food colourings. In order to produce 100g of a product, about 215g and 238g of meat has been used. They are perfect for active persons who care about a well-balanced diet. Bon apetit!

Beef jerky
Beef Jerky 25g
Beef chips
Beef chips 40g
Pork chips
Pork chips 50g

Beef Jerky are available in Żabka stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów.  Beef Chips are available in Auchan, Makro, Żabka stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. Pork Chips are available in Auchan stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów.