International kabanos sausages

thin and delicious dried kabanos sausages with imperceptible casing. They are rich in proteins and other nutritional values. They can be a comfortable and tasty meal during journeys, trips, as well as at work and at school. They are also perfect for elegant parties and banquets. Do not require refrigeration. Bon apetit!

French Style Kabanos
Hungarian Style Kabanos
Polish Style Kabanos
American Style kabanos
Argentine Style Kabanos
Italian Style Kabanos

American Style Kabanos are available in Carrefour, Tesco, Stokrotka, Selgros stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. Argentine Style Kabanos ​are available in Selgros stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. French Style Kabanos ​are available in Auchan, Carrefour, Kaufland, Tesco, Stoktotka, Selgros, Makro, Biedronka stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. Hungarian Style Kabanos ​are available in Kaufland, Tesco, Selgros stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. Italian Style Kabanos ​are available in Stoktotka, Biedronka stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. 

Classic kabanos sausages

delicious snack for every occasion. It is a pork, smoked and dried product, produced from top quality raw materials. Characteristic flavour of appropriately composed spices gives the product unique and interesting taste.

Classic kabanos sausages

Products are available in Auchan, Carrefour, Intermarche stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów. 


a line of delicious snacks in a form of thin kabanos sausages. They have been prepared especially for youth and people who lead an active lifestyle. They are the source of protein and they can successfully replace salty snacks or sweets. They can be taken on a tour, on a sports field, or to school, because they do not require refrigeration. Bon apetit!

Products are available in Selgros stores and in Delikatesy Sokołów.